Virtual Office Help Means More Green For Your Wallet & the Environment

With gas and food prices rising along with the expectation to go green, virtual office assistance has now found it’s place in the competitive world of administration. Currently most companies, when in need of office help, have to pay for wants ads or staffing agency fees, spend hours going through resumes and interviews and then spend additional money for federal taxes, benefits and overhead costs. Now there are a growing number of administrative assistants who provide all of their services virtually (hence the name) via phone, fax and internet based technology. Most daily office tasks such as faxing, copying, returning emails, data entry, mass mailings, travel itineraries, internet research, word processing and bookkeeping can all be done from a home office with the right equipment and training.

If a company has a database that is internal, then the company can use an online tool such as which allows them to set up a log in to the company database from a home computer. This allows greater freedom and financial control and also allows businesses to only pay for the time they need an assistant. For example the cost to hire a new individual can be up 100% of their salary. This can impact the bottom line of a small business tremendously especially if the individual may not be needed 20-40 hours per week permanently. Hiring a virtual assistant requires a phone call, email or fax entailing the job needed to be done and an estimate to approve for the job task entailed. Once the estimate is approved, the job is completed and the payment is made. The taxes, overhead costs and other usual full time employee expenses do not apply since you are hiring out an independent service provider.

An added benefit of using a virtual assistant is the impact you are making on the environment. Since these individuals provide their services virtually, the daily commute to and from an office location is eliminated thereby saving hundreds of gallons of gas and vehicle emissions that pollute the air. Most practices also use recycled office paper, ink cartridges and eco-friendly office supplies.

Hiring an intelligent, trustworthy and trained individual who can provide convenience and long term financial savings while helping to protect our precious environment is a benefit to any company.

Hudson Marketing Associates was formed by LeeAnne Hudson in the Spring of 2008. HMA provides web design, web marketing, internet search optimization, printing services and most importantly virtual office services. For more information please call 954-482-0351

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