Virtual Assistant Jobs – Features and Benefits of Hiring VA’s and Temps for Employers Or Job Seekers

There will always be times when an organization finds itself needing to fill a void. The reasons are many and could include being due to illness, vacation, an open position, a surge in work or orders, needing an extra pair of hands to name a few. Of course, there are any number of other reasons companies find themselves without the required resources they need right now in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The employer must decide if they will create temp, part-time or virtual assistant jobs when they have a knowledge or skill gap to fill. It is not as daunting a task or complicated as it initially appears to make this determination. As an employer, it is important to start not with the task itself, but to begin the process by considering the needs of the organization and determining how integral the role is to ensuring organizational goals, objectives and the bottom-line are all met.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Virtual Assistant Jobs and Temp Contracts. A temp worker is hired to come in and perform a specific task or role. Time and resources are required to orient and train the individual. No value-add is expected from temp employees, they are hired for very specific reasons and at best the employer hopes to receive an honest day’s work from the individual. Once the task is completed the individual leaves. This can work well for requirements such as filing, front desk reception or customer service positions.The benefit is there is no commitment and often no interviewing or screening required by the employer if an agency is used. There is no relationship with the temp worker – which can be a pro or a con depending on the situation.

A Virtual Assistant or Freelance worker on the other hand, has made the decision to be an entrepreneur, start a business and offer in-demand services to clients. VA’s focus their job search and client selection based on a niche where they offer significant skills, knowledge and experience. Virtual Assistant’s offer a varied set of skills, most commonly in the areas of search engine optimization, social media integration, administrative excellence, copywriting, IT, real estate or marketing. The services offered are limited only by the breadth and width of knowledge, skills and experience the Virtual Assistant possesses. The result is a partnership, one where the VA seeks to offer value-add to his/her client’s business, while the hiring organization is looking for a specific set of skills to help fill a void. Virtual Assistant jobs and contracts can be based on an hourly rate, a package arrangement, or a one-time fee followed by a monthly retainer. Of course, as VA’s are entrepreneurs – anything that is mutually agreeable works. The benefit is that regardless of the immediate need, if there is a future or ongoing need by the organization, the same individual can be re-engaged without the orientation or training requirements. Once integrated into the role, the Virtual Assistant can effectively “hit the ground running” for additional jobs. Often, once a VA or Freelancer has developed a working relationship with their client, they are asked to perform additional tasks or expand the project or assignment scope. Trust develops between the parties which are mutually beneficial, as the organizational knowledge acquired by the VA can be leveraged in other ways.

From an employer or client perspective, the hiring manager must consider the complexity of the task and the impact to the organization’s objectives and bottom-line. As with any B2B relationship, the virtual assistant is successful only when the client receives value-add from their services. Perhaps referring to the work by VA’s as “virtual assistant jobs” isn’t really accurate. It’s much more than a job – VA’s care about the quality of their work and the long-term impact their contribution will have to their client’s organization. Commonly, a Virtual Assistant will build his/her business on trust and word-of-mouth. Temps do not typically provide any value-add to an organization, nor are they expected to. There is a time and place when a temp is the right solution, and other times engaging the services of a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer will better service the purposes of an organization.

Evelyn Townsend is a Virtual Assistant specializing as a Social Media and Internet Marketing Business Practitioner, Coach and Teacher. With her background in corporate and e-learning, human resources, and strategic planning, Evelyn brings a solid foundation of business experience and technical expertise to the emerging fields of social media and internet marketing.

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