Virtual Assistants Prospering in the Economic Storm

What Industry is Growing During the Recession?  The Rise of the Virtual Assistant…

Small businesses have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and are changing their strategies. Professionals have been laid off and are leveraging the power of the internet to start new lucrative careers. With the recession driving the change, and modern technology supporting the trend, a fast changing workplace has been born from both necessity, and creative innovation.
“The flexibility and innovation available by integrating virtual workforce solutions is unmatched in corporate North America. During this challenging economic climate, the types of business services offered by qualified, professional virtual workers is a welcome resource for small to medium businesses.” Karen Bowman, West Coast Way Consulting, Inc. (Virtual Personnel Specialists)
Working from home was a growing trend before, and but has now kicked into overdrive. We are witnessing this exploding movement all around us. With hundreds of publications on the outsourcing industry, such as Michael J. Russer’s new book, “The Obsolete Employee: How Businesses Succeed Without Employees and Love It!”, virtual assistance along with many other industries flourishing online is a sign of the times we’re in.
Filling the Gap of Downsized Employees

An editorial was published January 2009 on entitled “Down economy a boon to virtual assistants”. The interview with virtual recruiter Gayle Buske of “Team Double-Click”, stated, “Demand for our services has actually gone up,” says Buske. “A lot of clients are replacing their brick-and-mortar offices with virtual offices. They’re staffing virtually.”
Virtual staffing is quickly becoming a lifeline for businesses struggling to weather out the recession and keep up with the rapid advancements of the new marketplace in Web 2.0. There is indeed ample opportunity for any business to grow during this economic slump, and with so many online professionals armed with a wide variety of specialized skills, partnering with a outsourced professional is an attractive, and potentially very lucrative solution.
Virtual Staffing Agencies and Supportive Communities

The old way of doing business is giving way to the new dynamic marketplace. As a sub-contractor or working independently, there has never been so much abundant support and opportunity for Virtual Assistants. The rise of virtual staffing agencies and outsourcing job sites is steadily increasing to meet the demand of the changing workplace, for both the business looking for virtual help, and for the VA. 
Not only assisting with matching clients with assistants, online communities for Virtual Assistants are flourishing with professional expertise, forums to support the solopreneur marketing mindset, incredible e-learning and training opportunities, dedicated to the professional development of VA’s in the industry. Increasingly, Virtual Assistants are respected in the professional world as vital support and crucial partners to the success of businesses, corporations and organizations all over the globe. Industry standards are being established with a growing number of accreditation and niche training programs to reflect the skills needed in today’s business world.
The Most In-Demand Services in 2009

Virtual Assistants are carving out specialized niches with staggering work opportunities, and many are growing their businesses so fast they are bringing on additional help! Areas such as internet marketing, copywriting and the HOTTEST niche service, Social Media Marketing are bringing VA’s big rewards from their home office. With Social Networking and online marketing continuing to explode at staggering rates, there is no doubt that outsourcing professional help with a solid presence in Web 2.0 will be the most beneficial activity businesses could do in 2009.
Recession or not, many businesses are discovering new prosperity with the focused assistance from a Virtual Assistant. This is certainly one industry that won’t be downsized!
Want a higher level of career fulfillment, flexible hours, a dynamic roster of clients all over the world, higher earnings and tax write-offs? 

There is NO better time to get the training you need to get started right away. Businesses everywhere need Virtual Assistants with skills to help them establish a strong presence in the world of Web 2.0.  

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