Deciding How to Start a Staffing Agency

Deciding how to start a staffing agency will depend on two very important yet highly distinct variables. These two variables will determine how you should begin and or expand your staffing agency.

Let me explain

First: Let’s assume you do not have a lot of money and you need to budget.

You will need to create a virtual office to include an online fax line. Also look into getting a toll free number that allows you to save all your messages directly to your email address. Look into creating your own website, something simple and not complicated, simply away to allow people to contact you. You may want to think about using a Factoring company to pay for your invoices.

Hopefully you are starting a staffing agency that you can actually work for while you develop the market place. Print out some business cards, get incorporated get a staffing contract as well as insurance and you are ready to go.

Second: Let’s assume you do have money and you can afford a larger budget.

Get incorporated and begin looking for a small office. Get all your marketing material and make sure everything has your logo, business name. Hire someone to answer phone during the day and contract with an after hour company to take your after hour calls.

Make sure you have all the documents needed to meet the needs of both state and federal regulations.You may want to hire a recruiter and or a business developer to help you get started faster. If you cannot afford it then you will have to do the marketing yourself.

Whatever you decide or however you decide to start a staffing agency understand that depending you can start a staffing agency with far less money than you think.

Roy Vera MBA,RT is an experienced medical staffing author, publisher and consultant. For more information visit us at

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