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While it is not likely that you can make enough money to quit your day job, working from home becoming an online juror pays reasonably well for the time involved. You can make from $10 to $60 or more per case. Each case might take 20 minutes to 90 minutes to evaluate and respond.

You can do an online search using the keyword phrases “online jury duty” or “mock jury online” to get about 58,000 results. The major online jury services are: Online Verdict, eJury, Jury Test, Trial Practice and Mock Juror.

First of all you do not have to pay to become an online juror. You can sign up for as many jury or mock trial services as you can find all at no cost to you.

Then one day you will get an email asking you to participate in an upcoming trial or to see if you are still interested and available. Respond quickly to the email or you will be left out of the jury pool. Trials only accept a certain number of juror responses and then deliberations are over and you are out of luck!

You and other jurors will work on trials from your own area. You may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

You will be given the case from the two perspectives and asked to comment on or answer questions about the case. Your opinions, just like in a real court case, are important to the outcome of the trial. Smart attorneys and insurance companies are more and more turning to this online service to evaluate their cases prior to a real trial.

I recommend taking any case that comes your way in the event your receiving future ongoing work at home opportunities may be dependent on your continued participation.

You may also be asked to participate in online discussion groups or focus groups regarding trial issues. Pay for this type of work usually starts at $10 an hour. I once received $25 an hour for six hours of work two days in a row.

PayPal has been the payment method of choice. You usually will get paid about five days after the conclusion of the case or mock trial.

Keep track of the mock jury services with which you signed up as it can become confusing trying to log into their system if you are using multiple user ID’s or passwords. I keep a small spiral notebook for that purpose.

Good advice and more work from home tips can be found at [] where the author is the web-content manager. Timothy Stolz writes from his home in Greeley, Colorado.

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One Response to “Work From Home – Online Jury Duty”

  1. Just did some research and check into the validity of becoming an online juror. Found out that the sites listed in this article are legit. I went ahead and signed up for 3 of them myself. I figured for a few hours of my time per week and I would make a few extra dollars. Worth testing out.